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Welcome to the webblog! This will be updated weekly at least and sometimes more often in the interests of keeping anyone who is interested in book things up to date. I'll be cross posting on facebook once a week with titles of updated posts for the week. If you're the kind of person who likes to leave comments, please visit the livejournal blog which is comments enabled but has ads.



October 22, 2019
New look for Rosalie's Medieval Woman website, facebook & author pages

Check out the new website look!

I'm not keen on making a whole new author website, so I'll have everything in one place. There's a new banner and menus for better navigation and the book pages have been redone entirely. The sitemap is now the main navigation and it's prettier now too! Facebook has a new banner as well.

I'm not keen on making a whole new author facebook page either since I have so many really lovely friends on the Rosalie's Medieval Woman one, so I'll have everything there as well as all the usual artifact collection posts, manuscript observations, original medieval memes, medieval research and, of course, sewing projects. Over the next week I'll be putting the new banner and navigation links over the entire site, but that will take a few nights.

Illuminated manuscript commissioned from Tania Michaux from Tania Crossingham's School of Illumination for my Manesse Codex style logo and photo by David de Groot from Four Horsemen Photography. It matches the new website banners as well for a more co-hesive look. #medieval #author #reenactor #livinghistory #newbook #verysecretsexlives #medievalwomen #allthehashtags


October 19th, 2019, 09:34 am
Secret Women's Business

I am often surprised at the amount of secret women's business we have in the world today. When women get together in a group, chat often turns to things that we just don't discuss in front of men. Usually this is because they just get all awkward and flee the room the minute someone says the word "period."

I work in a hospital and our lunch room conversations often involve abcess puss, drainage of fluid which smells so bad it permeates your clothes and hair, organ biopsies and other gross things and we eat while chatting about these things but throw in the words "period blood" and suddenly the guys remember they need to be somewhere else.

It strikes me that it's a little bit funny that women seem to know a lot about the male reproduction system and aren't particularly squeamish discussing, it yet many men prefer that we ladies just keep our ovaries a mystery. Periods? Ew. Keep it to yourself. Of course, this isn't everyone, but a large percentage. Think I'm kidding? Bring it up in casual conversation next time you're out with friends on a Saturday night as see how it goes.

Men, however, will usually have no great issue discussing loudly, with their mates at the pub, their own bodily fluids. Pee, snot, vomit and in less polite circles, semen. These are all socially able to be turned into jokes and are accordingly hilarious. That time a guy threw up in the beer garden and it went everywhere and it was so gross and their were chunks in it and he sneezed and it came out his nose? So funny.

Imagine, if you will, that the group discussion included a woman who added, "Oh, yes! Reminds me of the time I had my period and had a sneezing fit so hard I flooded my pad and it was just like the time my waters broke, just so funny!"

You know that's not going to happen. That's not funny because it's perioooood blooood ewwwwwww!
And therein lies the difference of the sexes.

Medieval men were almost as helpful in setting this kind of attitude up by insisting that menstrual blood was extremely poisonous, an attitude which we don't share today. Luckily, that menstrual blood might be put to some good use, and I'll be telling you more about that later.


October 16th, 2019, 07:26 pm

I don’t think the complete irony of me publishing a book about medieval sex lives while I am, in fact, currently single is wasted on anyone.


October 14, 2019
Women are humans too

I'm making an effort to humanise the women in the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women. Much has been written about some of these women specifically and we have a lot of dates and times but not much has been treating these women like humans. I'm taking the time to think about what their feelings might have been in certain situations.

We might read that someone was married for the third time or had to hide a pregnancy, but if we equate that to the lives to women we actually know today, what sympathies would be extend them? Our society offers far more support and love for the unmarried mother or the victim of sexual harrassment than the medieval one. How did these women cope? How did they feel?


October 12, 2019
Final edit

I'm making what looks like the final edit. The publishers have the draft copy so they can see what the content is like and can plan their marketing strategy and get a feel for the book. At the moment, I'm sitting on nearly 60 000 words.

Having not looked at the book for two days to get a fresh approach was a great thing to do and feedback from one of the testers pointed out an inconsistency in the format which I know would have bugged me if it went to print without being addressed. The short break has let me focus on what I've said already and what I have meant to add and hadn't (thinking I'd put it in somewhere else) without repeating myself in an annoying manner.

Feeling pretty good about this.

October 9, 2019
Live journal is live!

I have now a Secret Sex Lives Live Journal Blog If you are a fellow lj user, I'm lj user medievalrosalie and you can find me there. We are ad free if you log in as a guest, otherwise, ads. Sorry. It does have sharable posts for forwarding to friends and sharing on social media, so that's nice. This web blog here is ad free and is prettier, so see what you like best!

Hoping to find a way to put the CSS into this website and turn this page into a proper blog. I lack the coding skills, dammit. Until then, I'll be cross posting here for your ad free enjoyment! <3


October 7, 2019
Subscribe for news & updates!

After being asked so many times about being able to subscribe for notifications for book things and release dates, I've done it! You'll see the link at the side menu, or if you've lost the sidebar, it's here. Mail chimp and I won't pass on your info, in fact I deleted the name fields for your own privacy.

I won't be using it much at this stage. If you're keen: subscribe now!


October 6th, 2019
Text messaging

Seriously, who doesn't like Viner hand as a font? It has a nice handwritten scrawl which is more legible than Rage Italic and less wide than Viking and it considerably more readable that Old English, CodexManesse and in no way hard to read. I'm quite fond of it and will be using it for everything.

The cover design team don't seem to like it much, but it's far more appropriate than any of the Victorian style ones they seem to favour. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I feel it compliments Tania's image and I finally have a book cover I truly love and am excited about. Just keep crossing those fingers for me, okay?


October 4, 2019

We don't do the "W" word in this book. Medieval misconceptions must stop.


October 1st, 2019
Online Promo about the book

Well, it's fair to say that different people have different ideas about medieval women, which is why I really have made it my mission to educate and entertain while I'm doing it. The first proposed online write up hit my inbox and it was so far removed from the actual medieval world, it just reinforced why I do what I do. People need educating.

I think it's fair to say that people often don't know what to expect when they turn up for one of my Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women talks, but sometimes the enormity of the misconceptions astound me. I was not the least bit amused that the publishing team thought this book was going to be a 50 Shades of Grey type book. No. It is not. I could write one, but seriously, this is a different kind of book altogether.

Medieval sex covers a lot of things. Having it. Not having it. Chastity, rape, forced marriages well before puberty, women who were forced to abort, sex workers, lesbians, nuns and every woman in between. There's a lot to giggle at but there's a hell of a lot which is no laughing matter. Some of the laughter is outright what-the-hell-were-they-thinking. Mostly the men. Okay, religious men. You'll see what I mean.


September 30, 2019
Author photo

I've spend hours messing around tonight trying to get a usable photo for official author page and book stuff. I'm not good at selfies, but I think I have a winner... this is me on the bio page now (with make-up).

Don't I look different from medieval woman me?


September 29, 2019
Book update- new sections

Just realised I have two more sections to add: Writing About It and How To Draw It. Because manuscripts. There are a lot of interesting euphamisms for sex and a few cool manuscript pics related to it. Fancy me almost forgetting to write about that!


September 26th, 2019
Editing and feedback

I really need some sleep. Editing and getting thoughts back from my beta testers is tiring work. I have one female medieval tester who is a medieval author herself, one male medieval tester who is a long standing re-enactor and history buff and one male non-medieval tester who comes from the world of science and medicine to see if it's interesting enough for general public to read as well as those of us who have a passion. Word on the street, well, the word from the three beta testers, is that it's funny and informative, which is what I was going with.

Getting the right amount of balance with my sense of humour and being respectful about the actual women whose lives I am talking about is needed. I want their voices to be heard. They may have suffered and celebrated hundreds of years ago, but we can give them a little love in the here and now.


September 22nd, 2019
Sexy Lady promo photos

I've teamed up with Neda Lundy from the wonderful team at Four Horsemen Festival Photos to do an evening photo shoot with some lovely medieval re-enactor ladies with scenes from the book.

Things which will hint that there's something going on but don't give everything away! It will be so much fun and we are all looking forward to it. We will be serving medieval food and champagne to celebrate while we do them!


September 17, 2019
Book Cover Art finished

Tania Crossingham has made something beautiful for me! It's with the publisher now and hopefully the team will love it as much as I do and feel it fits their vision for my book! It is absolutely my vision. I would like this for the front cover! Many of you will recognise the image but this version has the colours and fabrics I will be using in future projects.

I am totally in love with this picture and I can't recommend Tania's work enough! It's the little pic I'm using on the banner of this page. It's from the Manesse Codex, only with fabrics and coverlet and colours of my choosing to match projects I have on the go.

The link to see it being made and the final art is HERE.


September 15, 2019
Cover art commissioned

So very, very excited to have Tania Crossingham Illuminated Manuscripts making something beautiful for me! I'm hoping it will be used on my new book cover! I love her work so much! Check out her work here! https://www.facebook.com/illumination.artist/


September 13th, 2019
I'm A-Twitter!

I'm now on Twitter! (actually it's not about me, I needed to follow a wonderful composer friend who does excting things). I'm new to it and I don't know that I'll use it much, but if you're a twit, I'm @medievalrosalie


September 11, 2019.

It's going to be a book! I am so excited!

Why stop at coming to a talk when you can read the very hilariously extended book version! The amazing people at Mango Publishing are making this real. Please do the happy dance with me! Squeee! It's not out yet. I will post up details when I have them. I've long thought about doing a publication and quite a few people have suggested it, so this is something that has been in the back of my head for quite some time. I'm delighted to announce that it is happening! Coming to a book thingy near you soon.


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